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Hello and welcome to our Music Lessons page!

Because there have been so many requests from our friends,  we decided to
dedicate a website page to those who would like to learn a bit about playing a
piano or cello. We hope that you enjoy these mini-lessons, and find them to be
of benefit!
If you are interested in pursuing your studies beyond our internet page, it
is also possible to enroll in classes in our studio in Mandeville.  
Lessons are generally scheduled on a weekly or by-weekly basis, and are
offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments according to age and level of
advancement.  Each piano or cello learner will receive lessons tailored to
individual abilities, using Suzuki and Traditional methods, as well as the
famous Moscow Conservatory System for the pre-professional and professional
level students.
And to those of you who are able to mention that you have read about our
studio on this website, we would like to offer you a
free initial consultation
to evaluate your child's musical abilities, and offer a common-sense approach to
musical instrument selection. Lesson schedules can be arranged at that time if
you wish, as well as fees, and if needed, help with selection of suitable piano
or cello.

Thank you for visiting our Music Lessons page-

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